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Look in the face of god, do you see my wings? I'm a stranger here, but I know your sins You will take my hand, you will walk with me As a slave of love, I'll make you see with Magic.

Soundscapes vol.9

Kaleidoscopic sounds of darkness -from metal to techno and industrial- selected by Jesse Draxler, the Los Angeles-based visual artist best known for his gloomy collages in greyscale inspired by the subconscious and the unknown.

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Soundscapes vol.32

She doesn't need a presentation, alternative rock icon since the 90's: Garbage's singer and songwriter, Shirley Manson, here presenting an extended 40 tracks playlist of love, lust and everything in between.

Felix Velvet / There is another world and it is in this one

"I hope to witness my other lives as if I were a stranger to my other possible lives." Visceral emotions caused by pain: Spanish artist Félix Velvet in conversation with Maria Abramenko.

Nir Hod / The dark age of art

Reflections about life and death (on canvas): Nir Hod, Israeli New York based artist in conversation Maria Abramenko.

Soundscapes vol.31

Stop fighting bad states of mind, lean in, hang out with them, find a way to coexist. Here are some tunes collected over the years to keep you company when you're low. Selected by VOWWS, the death pop band based in Los Angeles, on the occasion of the launch of their latest single and video "Stay where you are".

Jong Oh / Spatial experience

The power of lightness and symmetry. Korean artist Jong Oh in conversation with Maria Abramenko.

Tiziana Cera Rosco / Body as a tool

Italian performance artist Tiziana Cera Rosco talking about death, encounters, dreams and inspirations in conversation with Maria Abramenko.

Jesse Draxler / Visions of darkness

Punk rock subculture and black collages: Jesse Draxler, American mixed media and multidisciplinary artist in conversation with Maria Abramenko.

Soundscapes vol.30

It's coming, It's real! Iconic leader of Swans, Michael Gira, brings a setting sun picking for Nasty a 10 classics soundtrack that displays the eclectic music background behind his art.

Fabio Viale / Between sacred and profane

Italian sculptor Fabio Viale on tattoos, marble and his collaboration with Rocco Siffredi in conversation with Maria Abramenko.

Michael Sailstorfer / Spatial experiences

German artist talking about speed, engines, the lives of sculptures and metal music in conversation with Maria Abramenko.

Soundscapes vol.29

Otherworldly experimental introspection, an all thoughts fly playlist curated by Swedish musician and composer, Anna von Hausswolff.

Alyson Shotz / Investigations into space, light and matter

American artist Alyson Shotz on her research and exploration of nature, light and space in conversation with Maria Abramenko.
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