• Ceremony

    The soundtrack of the Sacred issue selected by Mushy

Death is centrifugal. Solar and logical. Decadent and symmetrical. Angels are mathematical.
Angels are bestial. Man is the animal.
Ceremony. The soundtrack of the Sacred issue selected by Mushy.

CEREMONY / Sacred issue from nastymagazine on 8tracks Radio.

01 chimeras / tim hecker
02 ari’s song / nico
03 helpless child / swans
04 inky blue sky / eyeless in gaza
05 forebode / young hunting
06 fight like gods / chelsea wolfe
07 the world spins / julee cruise
08 he was human and belonged with humans / dalhous
09 utopian disaster / silent servant
10 fire of the mind / coil
11 false memory syndrome / the caretaker
12 all is found, all is lost / mushy
13 für alina / arvo pärt

ph: Jessica De Maio

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