• Halo

    Lovers Issue / Playlist


“Look in the face of god, do you see my wings?
I’m a stranger here, but I know your sins
You will take my hand, you will walk with me
As a slave of love, I’ll make you see with Magic.”

HALO / Lovers issue from nastymagazine on 8tracks Radio.

01 first we kiss / anna calvi
02 lick the palm of the burning handshake / zola jesus
03 all your gold / bat for lashes
04 little black angel / ladytron (death in june cover)
05 als war’s das letze mal / deutsch-amerikanische freundschaft
06 heart of dust / light asylum
07 zu zweit / schwefelgelb
08 hi / xiu xiu
09 dressed for space / trust
10 pleasure in heaven / motor (feat. gary numan)
11 hot on the heels of love / throbbing gristle
12 magic / november novelet
13 the dark age of love / coil (feat. marc almond)

ph: Sara Mautone

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