Göran Horal FW14

A review by Ana Laura Cuevas.

Feet on the ground.

Balance achieved through unconventional beauty and a cultural mosaic is what distinguishes Göran Horal in perfect unity. Graduating in London, creating in Paris, and producing in Italy, Heidi Göran and Susanna Horal manage to epitomize harmony as the perfect quality embodied in stout, rough, elegant creations. With a Swedish, Czech and Chilean background this Paris-based duo incarnates reassuring comfort in the most atypical of ways. No wandering absorption, just the conscious battle between the adoration of traditions and the restless desire for change.

Since nativity is in thought and creation is from thought, identity comes as the sublime result. As such, the FW 2014 collection displays fateful signs of alluring decadence, fur as a nourishing power, and plump earth-grounding dimensions. There is no more generous justice than that of nature’s organic gracefulness expressed in individual sentiment. It is the fair adaptation of one’s peacefulness connected to a whole. Life is a balancing act.

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