Images and words from emerging and established vision makers.


There's a place where we can feel free. A series about bodies and colors photographed by Emmet Green.

A place called home

A gateway to upper realms. Shot & styled by Alejandro Misteró.


Happy faces talking about sadness. Maria photographed in London by Sandra Seaton.


The colors are bleeding at the sight of your heart. Filiza shot in Paris by Bruno Bicalho Carvalhaes.


I saw a tree dying while the wind was blowing. A story photographed by Kenji Yamanaka, directed by Sayuri Iso.


Sometimes we just can't control our thoughts. Page photographed by Chris Scheurich.

Shining black

Your true self can be known only by systematic experimentation and controlled only by being known. A thousand dreams that will awake us, shiny shiny tales of latex in the dark shot on film by Soren Jahan.

Fear of falling asleep

She's inventing landscapes in their magnetic field, working out a means of escape. Eszter portrayed by Cecilia Conde.

Fast forward

It's like the old days, alone in the city with our own fate. A photographic story by Arnaud Ele.


Slowly undefining the edges of the memory. Marguerite photographed by Michele Yong.


We are so often caught up in our own minds that we can't see what matters. A series by Zhenya Brodskaya.

Sasha in Paris

Wandering in the city at night. Sasha photographed by Lexa Kim.


We say just empty words to keep our hurt away. A series shot by Igor Pavlov.


Interior, daylight, a girl pleased in her solitude. Victoria shot on film by Bruno Bicalho Carvalhaes.

Liza in Tokyo

Having good time in a foreign city with Liza, photographed by Marc Oller.
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