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Elle McNamara

Her beauty in half light. A story from Sydney, Australia starring muse Elle McNamara at IMG Models, shot by Micaela Mandorff and styled by Stephanie Dale.

Folke Matthes

Perfect face and complete control of the gestures. Folke Matthes with Seeds Models, in a sharp series shot in Berlin by Mathilda Bernmark.

Elizabeth Harvid

Portraits of clean beauty and nature. Muse Elizabeth Harvid with IMG Models, photographed in Sydney by Sophia Kahlenberg.

Magali Bührmann

German new face represented worldwide by many agencies. Beautifully captured here in a fashion story shot in Barcelona by Anna Sefer.

Rebecca Munro

Just ended a very successful fashion season for this German model represented worldwide. Rebecca Munro photographed in New York by Mario Zanaria and styled by Richard Ives.

Lexi Graham

17yo Australian beauty, signed with IMG Models. She has a pretty unique face, captured in this warm portraits series by Natalie McKain.

Thea Costache

Exploring both gloomy and bright sides of Romanian young beauty Thea Costache with IMG Models. Photographed in Milan by Marco Giuliano.

Yana Petrova

Cold gaze in a bright warm light. Russian muse Yana Petrova at IMG Models Milan photographed by Marco Giuliano and styled by Anca Macavei.