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Soundscapes vol.43

As summer approaches, the light in Berlin returns. Here are some timeless personal favorites mixed with new gems of the next wave selected by Curses, the New Yorker/ Berlin based artist known for blending his rock & roll roots with the darker side of disco & electro.

Soundscapes vol.42

A playlist curated by Cassyette, who's sound mixes pop, rock and metal on the occasion of the launch of her latest single "Dear Goth" full of religious imagery, a search for spirituality and belonging in a godless society.

Soundscapes vol.41

A hypnotic selection by Ioanna Gika, Los Angeles based, Greek musician with witchy looks and a haunting voice that echoes seraphically through post new age sonic landscapes.

Soundscapes vol.40

A selection by Deru, American composer, music producer and sound designer Benjamin Wynn creating cinematic and highly textured experimental electronic music.

Soundscapes vol.39

Hypnosis & eerie emotions combining Jesse Jo Stark' signature sultry drawl and raw power. A 19 tracks selection by LA-born indie singer and songwriter in occasion of the launch of her new Deadlydoll clothing collection.

Soundscapes vol.38

Between the breaths: a curated selection by Xiu Xiu, the American experimental band, formed in 2002 by singer-songwriter Jamie Stewart in California.

Soundscapes vol.37

An explosive selection coming from 3Teeth, the American industrial-metal band from Los Angeles, California. Blasting beats for a burning new beginning.

Soundscapes vol.36

A special NYE selection by queen of doom Chelsea Wolfe to finally say farewell to this strange 2020. Digging beneath the mess of the world to find the beauty underneath.

Soundscapes vol.34

Between striking electronics and powerful melodies: a dark yet uplifting selection by Hélène de Thoury, the creative force behind the minimal darkwave band Hante and owner of the Paris based independent record label Synth Religion.

Soundscapes vol.33

An otherworldly playlist curated by Caleb Braaten, the founder of Sacred Bones Records, the boundary pushing American independent record label bringing great new music to light as well as reissuing music lost to time since 2007; and also the mastermind behind Zone Six Mgmt, TV EYE, A Message From the Temple.

Soundscapes vol.32

She doesn't need a presentation, alternative rock icon since the 90's: Garbage's singer and songwriter, Shirley Manson, here presenting an extended 40 tracks playlist of love, lust and everything in between.