Ode to conscious living

A spotlight on Karl August, Nuremberg.

Welcome to the pulsating heart of Nuremberg, where the very essence of the city finds its sanctuary. Nestled in proximity to the revered main market square, the Augustinerhof area, a recent architectural marvel designed by the visionary firm Staab from Berlin, beckons with a harmonious blend of boutique hospitality, gourmet delights, retail splendor, cultural enclaves, and cutting-edge innovation. At the very heart of this vibrant neighbourhood lies Karl August – a true oasis boasting 120 exquisitely curated rooms, suites, and apartments that cater to the most discerning preferences.

Karl August / Ode to conscious living

Karl August / @hotelkarlaugust
Architects: Staab / @staabarchitekten
/ @mekadoarchtects
Michelin Restaurant: Tisane / @tisane_restaurant
Special thanks: Anna-Catharina Heller

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