Documenting Margiela

A spotlight on Marina Faust.

“Sometimes things take a long time to sink in. I see that as a sign of quality. In art it certainly is, in fashion it can be too, even though it is contradictory. And time, in our days, or lack of time, is a hell of an issue.” A spotlight on the Austrian-born artist and photographer Marina Faust and her long standing collaboration with Martin Margiela.

It is known that Martin Margiela was the invisible god of fashion and that for his life always away from medias had chosen the anonymity, but it not also so widely known the only photographer to have worked with him for nearly his entire career was Marina Faust. Photographer, video artist and sculptress, Marina Faust is numbered among the conceptual artists, remarkable is her work on exploring the media conditions and excesses of art. Her gaze concentrates on the object itself and proceeds in the sense of speculative realism. After looking at the images with the distance of time, with a fresh new look, in 2017 she presented the “Archive Box”, a unique choice of ten images of her collaboration with Martin Margiela from 1990 until 2008. The artist reworked the material, mostly from the backstage of fashion shows, reclaiming the artistic identity of those images which stay timeless. Faust finds particularly relevant and appealing the pictures she has taken from late 80s to 2009, (the year when Martin quit his job as fashion designer) building an archive of around 1000 of pics that reflects the fashion house in its intriguing sense of style. The Martin Margiela’s myth it is processed in the lens of Faust with disarming realism and no artificiality as Faust used Margiela’s clothes and models in a playful way, though provoking and experimental.

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