Soundscapes vol.100 / selected by @aurakamikura 

Aura Kamikura’s current favorite tracks from her mind-blowing DJ set during the Wave Gotik Treffen closing party at Moritzbastei, Leipzig (06.06.22). Aura started her DJ journey in 2007 as a member of the crew Global Noise Movement. Since then she has been bringing the finest sounds of rhythmic noise, distorted techno, hard/industrial techno to the scene-relevant clubs. Together with her husband Candy aka 16Pad Noise Terrorist host the WGT Noise Floors at Moritzbastei, Leipzig. On her DJ- trip she also made stops at the Leipzig scene clubs Distillery and IFZ, London’s Slimelight for the “Electrowerkz” series and festivals such as „Maschinenfest“, the „Forms of Hands“ or „Elektroanschlag“ to name just a few.