Soundscapes vol.115 / selected by @wallis909

Wallis, a promising newcomer of the techno scene already label owner, live-act and former mastering engineer has created her unique sound because of her creativity and engineering skills. Here is an “at home version” playlist of what she currently likes. Slower than what she plays at clubs, but industrial all the way.

This playlist is what gets me going during the week. In clubs, I play really diverse and fast-paced sets, take different directions and change intensity and vibes during a party. However at home I consume music differently. It’s not so much a mixture of a little bit of everything every day, but rather I go through intense phases. One week it will be “I only listen to Rage Against The Machine”, then I’ll have a couple weeks where I’m only interested in Tim Hecker style weird ass music, but then all I’ll want to listen to are early 2000s cheesy pop things from my childhood from back when you would turn on MTV and they would play only music videos all day long. And obviously a lot of techno too. A trip of intensely focusing on just one type of sound. Those tracks would definitely all fit into my sets, albeit not all at once. But each of those tracks has something unique about them that makes them very memorable to me. A groove that sticks to your core, a melody that gives you goosebumps, or vocals that stick to your ears. This music today makes me want to go places. It’s slower than what I play in clubs, more sexy, mysterious, emotional, and of course, industrial through and through.