Soundscapes vol.149 / selected by @andromeda__dj

Andrømeda is a talented DJ and producer known for her unique blend of Industrial, Detroit, EBM and Acid Techno. Her powerful and electrifying sets never fail to ignite the dance floor.  As a resident of FOLD in London, Andrømeda has become a prominent figure in the city’s underground scene. She has gained recognition for delivering unforgettable performances that capture the hedonistic spirit of this renowned institution. Her ability to create a symbiotic connection with the audience, combined with technical prowess make her an act to remember.  Currently based in Barcelona, Andrømeda draws inspiration from the city’s rich cultural heritage and thriving music scene. This influence can be heard in her productions, which seamlessly blend raw energy with intricate melodies, resulting in a sound that is both captivating and thought-provoking.