Soundscapes vol.159 / selected by @hybral

Hybral, a visionary artist renowned for his dark ambient and cinematic tunes, presents a curated playlist to guide you through a unique musical landscape that boldly blurs the lines between reality and the abstract. As the founder of the label Subverted Scene and a member of the Berlin-based duo Parallel Transport alongside Fluid, Hybral delves deep into dark ambient and cinematic soundscapes. Drawing inspiration from his early techno influences, old discoveries, and favorite tracks from his label, this playlist features tracks that stand out in rhythm, atmospheres, arrangement, or overall intensity. From dark ambient, noise, and film to industrial and experimental, Hybral uses awry harmonies and chaotic noise to demonstrate how queerness disrupts and reorders norms, challenging conventional paths and sound aesthetics. Alarming timbres, modulated ominous atmospheres, distorted kick drums, and noisy percussions underscore the necessity of movement and destruction as powerful catalysts for change.