Weaving Drama

A spotlight on the work of Chinese designer Xiaolei Xu.

Showcasing Xiaolei Xu, born in Zhejiang, China, and educated in Berlin, Germany. Xiaolei earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in fashion design from Weissensee Art Academy Berlin, specializing in womenswear. Her work delves into cultural identity, merging contemporary design with traditional culture. “Es,” one of her latest creations, draws inspiration from the workwear found in Chinese markets, blending elements of traditional Chinese opera to depict the aspirations of ordinary people striving to stand out. It presents an image that is both exhausted and dramatic. These pieces creates a space that highlights the conflicts and paradoxes experienced by regular individuals in our society, questioning whether today’s fashion still reflects class differences.

Weaving Drama


Fashion Designer: Xiaolei Xu
Photographer: Yuyao Liu
Make up: Huang
Model: CC

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