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Berlin Atonal 2023

Art&Culture | Spotlight
A spotlight on the two-week Berlin Atonal 2023 this year, part of Berlin's Art Week schedule.

Chadd Curry / Anticlone Takeover

Art&Culture | Interview
A figurehead of London’s underground nightlife scene, American-born DJ and performance artist Chad Curry in conversation with Maria Abramenko on his attendance at the Anticlone Takeover III.

Parma Ham / Anticlone Takeover

Art&Culture | Interview
In the realm of contemporary art, there are those who push boundaries, challenge conventions, and use their creative expression to provoke thought and emotion. Known for a multidisciplinary approach that traverses sculpture, performance, and painting, Parma Ham's work delves deep into the realms of identity, gender, and societal perception.

Angel Karel / Pervert (30/09)

Art&Culture | Soundscapes
A conversation and a playlist from with French DJ Angel Karel headliner at Sodoma opening party on Saturday September 30th at District 242, Milan.

Krissie Marie Heliodore / Anticlone Takeover

Art&Culture | Interview
In conversation with Krissie Marie Heliodore. The artist takes us on a journey through her artistic evolution, from incorporating silicone into her garments to crafting intricate sculptures that breathe life into her visions.

Lee Ann Roberts / We are all connected

Art&Culture | Interview
In conversation with Lee Ann Roberts. From her duality between making music and managing her label NowNow Records to some consideations about the production process and insights into her past, as well as exciting future projects like her second label night at ADE this year in October. She’s not just a pioneer in the electronic music scene, but a driving force behind her evolution.

Daido Moriyama / CO Berlin

Art&Culture | Spotlight
A retrospective examining Daido Moriyama’s work.

Alban Adam / Ritual Noise

Art&Culture | Interview
Hailing from the eastern part of France and shaped by the vibrant surroundings of Paris, Alban's unique background in art philosophy and semiotics has had a profound influence on his artistic endeavors.

Antony Gormley / Still Body & Unleashed Soul

Art&Culture | Spotlight
Antony Gormley is one of Britain’s most important contemporary sculptors, and installations of his work have taken place worldwide. Deeply charmed by the phenomena of the body such as the unseeable space the body occupies and its relationship to architecture, he creates works that replicate the memories of our bodies with sculptures that range from the semi-realistic to the semi-abstract.

Sade English / She’s In Parties

Art&Culture | Interview
The exhibition curated by SADE ENGLISH promises to be an immersive and thought-provoking experience celebrating the diversity and non-conformity of contemporary art.

Xiu Xiu / Ignore Grief

Art&Culture | Spotlight
Ignore Grief, the thirteenth album by Xiu Xiu, is a bleak, dark, and haunting work that delves into the most harrowing nightmares of its three creators and performers: Jamie Stewart, Angela Seo, and the newest addition to the California-based lineup, drummer David Kendrick.

Tom Furse / Synthesist

Art&Culture | Interview
Founder member of The Horrors, in demand video director, visual artist and sound artist in his own right. We talk to Tom Furse about all that the future holds.