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44 Label Group F/W 24 by Sven Marquardt

Fashion | Spotlight
44 Label Group's F/W 24 campaign, captured by icon Sven Marquardt at the Knockdown Center in New York City, seamlessly merges the realms of fashion and techno under Max Kobosil's visionary leadership, showcasing a profound narrative of contemporary culture where garments, music, and raw aesthetics intertwine.

Our darkness

Photography | Exclusive
Delve into the shadowy depths of the human psyche, weaving a tapestry of haunting visuals that evoke profound introspection. Captured by photographer Maarten Kools and directed alongside her creative duo partner Lindy Bloom.

Pillow book

Fashion | Exclusive
As nocturnal ink spills and writes a new story, dreams unfurl and a rebellious facet of Chekita makes an untamed appearance. Narrative photographed by Wilson Ballarin, styled by Eleonora Bosio.


Fashion | Exclusive
In gossamer whispers and empowering weaves, she bares her dreams and desires in a world ever so silent, it is deafening. An exquisite ballet of minimalism and nature by Chloé Le Reste and Sara Medali.

Ribs and Stitches

Photography | Exclusive
A soul-stirring string where the human form becomes a canvas, capturing Nel Sitek’s fine artistry and vulnerability. Series shot by Yiorgos Mavropoulos.

Ann Demeulemeester SS/24

Fashion | Spotlight
Delicate silks juxtaposed with rugged leather, sheer chiffon combined with structured tailoring – a stunning interplay of light and shadow, with a sense of depth and dimension that draws the eye in. Ethereal elegance and raw edginess for the Ann Demeulemeester SS/24 Collection by the newly appointed creative director Stefano Gallici. Born in 1996 and an alumnus of IUAV in Venice, he started his professional journey in Antwerp, initially as an assistant designer under the tutelage of Haider Ackermann. Subsequently, he ventured to Paris, where he assumed a pivotal role within the creative ensemble responsible for the menswear division at Ann Demeulemeester before taking over also womenswear this season. Backstage report by Nicola Bortoletto.

Daido Moriyama / CO Berlin

Art&Culture | Spotlight
A retrospective examining Daido Moriyama’s work.


Fashion | Exclusive
I’ll never go back home again, I walk in a infnite hologram with you. I push you away for fun, let me believe we are what we think, we’ll stop chasing our blurry reflection. A fashion story shot by Sun Choi, styled by Silvia Lee.


Photography | Exclusive
It’s still not too late to expose your lies, you’ve run so far just to escape your demons, treading thousands of black beaches, but it’s never too late. A black and white story shot by Albert Font Garcia, starring talent Stella Baker.

Mind Journey / Sia Fang

Fashion | Exclusive
Get to know multidisciplinary artist and fashion designer Sia Fang, through her last project about the exploration of different mental stages that she went through in the past few years.

Present nostalgia

Photography | Exclusive
Let’s run away from this city, we are light as the wind. Everyone around here wants to sink, but if you stay with me, I can take you higher. It seems all our friends are lost, I was so confused that I thought I was gone too, but then you came and everything felt real again. A black and white eclectic story project, a mix of fashion and lifestyle shot by Matteo Moschella.

Faces of self

Fashion | Exclusive
I painted my lips black and colored my hair a darker shade, all I hear is the sound of the rising night. Don't you have a clue? A fashion story by Gabriel Lenoble, styled by Camille Guerard.