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Ellen Allien / Close encounters of the alien kind

Art&Culture | Soundscapes
Welcome to the Al(l)ien universe of Ellen, where every beat tells a story and every melody sparks imagination. Join us as we uncover the inspiration behind her collaborations, her reflections on the Berlin clubbing, and her enduring passion for music. Together with an exclusive selection of her current favorite tracks for our latest Nasty Soundscapes release.


Fashion | Exclusive
Each frame envisions a harmonious fusion, an ethereal blend where the roots of existence and the human spirit commune, affirming our oneness with the primal canvas of life. A visual rendition of "we are one with nature" by Sonya Mazuryk.


Photography | Spotlight
Every hue tells a story of creativity and fun. 1 and 3 versions of your Korean muse Seojin, captured in different vibrant settings by Cherry Capture and Kimjineok.

Paint it red

Fashion | Exclusive
In a world ablaze with passion, "Red" unveils an array of scarlet hues, igniting the runway. Scarlet secrets of desire, garnet echoes of strength;each ensemble a fervent chapter, a love letter to the lure of crimson dreams in a monochrome universe. Narrative captured by Oleg Borisuk.

Vertigo / House of Ito

Fashion | Exclusive
A digital campaign photographed by Marco Giuliano and styled by Anca Macavei featuring the "NAMI" collection of bespoke contemporary handbags by Japanese born, London based designer Kiki Ito.

Very Friendly / HOUSE, Berlin

Art&Culture | Spotlight
Pulsating rhythms, distorted soundscapes and provocative lyrics, a powerful exploration and questioning of the dark and obsessive sides of the human condition. With the "Very Friendly" exhibition, Agnes Gryczkowska invites us to venture into the murky corners of the human psyche.

Natural discomfort

Fashion | Exclusive
Unveil boundaries that are mere illusions. A narrative where reality and the superficial converge; surreal meets style and wonder; self-belief emerges from the beautifully uncomfortable. An editorial series by Jendrik Schroeder and Alice Secchi.

Chris Avantgarde / Mind Control

Art&Culture | Soundscapes
We had the pleasure of diving into the world of electronic beats and innovative sounds with the trailblazing DJ and producer Chris Avantgarde.

Marina Abramovic / Royal Academy

Art&Culture | Spotlight
A retrospective examining Marina Abramovic’s work in London.

South of Heaven

Fashion | Exclusive
In the inky depths of the night, where the shadows come alive and dreams twist into nightmares, there exists a place where the ordinary transforms into other forms and the mind is ensnared in a sinister dance with its deepest fears. Merisiel Irum wearing chainmaille jewels by Holyhell. Shot by Marco Giuliano, styled by Anca Macavei.

Black Light Theater

Art&Culture | Spotlight
“Black + Light Theater – the Takeover III” from Anticlone Gallery. In partnership with Mandrake for Frieze Art Week London. It featured a week-long programme of events showcasing multidisciplinary artists specialising in sound, performance, moving image and interactive installations. It was curated by Sade English and Maria Abramenko.

The Sirens Of Titan / Write Your Dreams In Invisible Ink

Art&Culture | Soundscapes
The actress Sophie Kennedy Clark, who made her screen debut in Lars von Trier’s Nymphomaniac, stars in the short film for the new single by London-based art-rockers The Sirens of Titan, which premieres today exclusively on Nasty.