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Hair Apparent

Fashion | Exclusive
Embracing the dual essence of architectural curves in hair design through a visual expedition into the complexity of form and texture. Hair and makeup artistry by Sam Hill, captured by the duo Brix & Maas.

Art de Parfum / Fragrant Futures

Fashion | Spotlight
A spotlight on Art de Parfum, a brand that seamlessly marries luxury with responsibility.

Colekt / Scandi Rituals

Fashion | Spotlight
The sustainable Swedish clean skincare label you need to start collecting.

Paper Art

Fashion | Exclusive
Rolling, writhing, entering and leaving. These lines look like the boundaries of my body. I slowly slip into my abyss untili it glows. A story between art and makeup shot by Mike, with creative direction by Go Fujiwara.

Marco Giuliano / ‘Darkroom’ photo exhibition

Photography | Spotlight
Opening on Saturday June 10th from 9pm at Tempio del Futuro Perduto.

So far, so close

Fashion | Exclusive
You took my sickness and scattered it into the sea. I was just a candle in the wind and now I’m the rain, the earthquake, the thunder. I know who you are and who you have been, I read it on the waves of this beach. So far and so close. Beauty series shot by Yulia Plakhotnikova, makeup by Olga Garkovich.

Beyond binary

Fashion | Exclusive
The earth is nothing but a reflection, like opening the eyes in the rain, waiting for the calm. Falling, dreaming, waiting for the day to bring me light. A visionary beauty story photographed by Pierre Turtaut, makeup by Simona Avra.


Fashion | Exclusive
Entrancing your mind. A series of radiant makeup looks by Josephine Golan, photographed by Beata Cervin.

Insane Illusions

Photography | Exclusive
The power of illusions: a photo series that goes beyond beauty and style highlighting different points of view behind the art of make-up.


Fashion | Exclusive
All possible ways of disappearing. Analog hair/beauty series without retouching from Japan, shot by Takuya, model Nozomi.

Heart of diamond

Fashion | Exclusive
Innocent pearls and black feathers. Leather and skin, where do you want to begin? Beauty story photographed by Adi Segal, styled by Shira Levi.

It’s cold outside

Fashion | Exclusive
Carried by the wind like a snowflake in the storm. Vera in a beauty story photographed by Lolita Sharun.