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Fashion | Exclusive
A mythical scene where witches convene to perform rituals, cast spells, and worship the devil Aker. Shot by Pelayo Alvest with creative direction by Hugo Armas.

Tied Up

Photography | Nude
Adreena, a professional dominatrix with nearly two decades in the BDSM community, discusses the nuances of rope play, trust, and vulnerability. Captured in a session with rigger Marie Sauvage shot by Pixie Levinson.

Anoeses / Forms Of Eroticism

Fashion | Spotlight
In conversation with the creative director of Anoeses about the brand's journey, its fusion of eroticism and high fashion, the importance of open communication and consent, and its commitment to supporting Ukraine.

Goddess waifu love

Fashion | Exclusive
Dive into a world of fantasy and fashion in a symphony of crazy style and female empowerment. Naomi Salabi photographed by Rebecca Dorothy and styled by Camille Doizi.


Photography | Exclusive
Delving into the intricate fluidity of delicate personalities. Marta and Charlie starring in a photographic exploration through the lens of Alcibiade Cohen.

Oksana on film

Photography | Exclusive
The playground of fun fetishes with a dash of delightful quirkiness. Starring Oksana, captured with all analog devices by Emmet Green.


Photography | Spotlight
Every hue tells a story of creativity and fun. 1 and 3 versions of your Korean muse Seojin, captured in different vibrant settings by Cherry Capture and Kimjineok.

Wet Dream

Fashion | Exclusive
Unspoken fantasies unleash a fierce passion for love, forbidden thirst and desires for the provocative, all during the after hours; a wet dream! A seductive editorial through the lens of Marco Del Borrello.


Art&Culture | Spotlight
In the words of the author: Through this series "Fe(male)", I wanted to emphasize sentimentality, that annoyingly feminine trait that we learn to despise and censor out of fear of embracing vulnerability, weaknesses, and doubts. We have this idea that women are supposed to be like goddesses or fairies, guaranteed without guts or entrails. Sentimental and dependent creatures, with tyrannical demands, who overinvest in the realm of love in the face of uncouth, mute oafs barricaded in the illusion of a fierce autonomy. But the fragile woman waiting for strength and protection from the male is a stereotype fabricated by men from another era.

Marina Abramovic / Royal Academy

Art&Culture | Spotlight
A retrospective examining Marina Abramovic’s work in London.

Ribs and Stitches

Photography | Exclusive
A soul-stirring string where the human form becomes a canvas, capturing Nel Sitek’s fine artistry and vulnerability. Series shot by Yiorgos Mavropoulos.

Loving Maud

Fashion | Exclusive
Days of light, I’ll find a way to screw everything up. In the dark of these walls I feel lost, but I like it. I find comfort in my sins and the harshness around me. A blue-tone fashion story shot by Solene Ballesta, starring Maud D'Amour.