Goddess waifu love

Photographed by Rebecca Dorothy.

Dive into a world of fantasy and fashion in a symphony of crazy style and female empowerment. Naomi Salabi photographed by Rebecca Dorothy and styled by Camille Doizi.

Goddess waifu love


Photography: Rebecca Dorothy / @rebeccadorothyx
Styling: Camille Loizi / @cam_vivienne_loizi
Art Direction: Martina Bruna / @martinabruna__
Make up: Venus Hermitant / @plsticdoll
Hair: May Kilama / @foxyhair.upload
Nails: Raphaele / @old8ruja
Retoucher: Davide Corona / @davide._.corona_
Photography Assistants: Ella Marmet & Quentin Lefeuvre / @ella.mrmt @qu3ntin_l
Styling Assistant: María Guzman / @mariagz.st
Model: Naomi Salabi / @naoslb

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