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Mash / Couture The Chaos

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An insightful interview with the visionary behind MASH. Explore the story behind this rising label that defies conventional fashion boundaries by intertwining artistry with rebellion. Through its unique blend MASH reinterprets goth and punk subcultures, challenging stereotypes and inviting individuals to embrace their multifaceted identities.

Poetic Rebellion

Fashion | Spotlight
A spotlight on the latest collection of Berlin-based des FILLES désir, founded by Adrian Stoica, a brand that champions innovative women's wear with unexpected silhouettes and textures as an antidote to fast fashion.


Fashion | Exclusive
The poetry of adornment and exhibition, where nakedness and full dress converge in fashion. Erika Laba captured under the eye of Jakub Szymanski.

Build destroy repeat

Fashion | Exclusive
The series combines fashion from up-and-coming German designers and established independent designers. The selected fashion is characterised by deconstructivist elements that are constantly changing - existing today, reinterpreted tomorrow. It is a tribute to transience and the creative potential in fashion. Photographed by Karen Cavallaro.


Fashion | Exclusive
A realm of idyllic beauty and eternal bliss where the exquisite details of the garments shine amidst lights and shadows. Two muses photographed by Marco Giuliano and styled by Anca Macavei.


Fashion | Exclusive
In a room filled with sadness and melancholy, shadows move in a lonely whisper and solitude emerges through silent frames like a sombre ballet captured on a gloomy canvas. An editorial by Dalila Slimani and Sofia Beretta.


Fashion | Exclusive
Transcending lust, capturing passion's fervor and embodying love's flame - these bold hues of scarlet & crimson are painted by Karolina Golis and Dagmara Lojek.

Imaginary lines

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The story of subtleness, the subtle lines people build within themselves and with others to hide million kinds. A story of what they choose not to show, that we don’t already know. A poetic narrative by Luca Santini.

Ethereal Wraiths

Fashion | Exclusive
Ephemeral glimpses brushed against the edges of reality, lingering briefly before dissipating into the void. The echoes of footsteps were swallowed by the darkness, leaving only the whispers of the vanishing in their wake. A dusky story photographed by Marco Giuliano and styled by Anca Macavei showcasing purist and unisex leather goods by Werkschwarz.

What is forgotten

Fashion | Exclusive
Whispering the tales of the past, Mamediara beckons from the shadows of all the fading memories draped in her opulent ensemble. An editorial shot by Robert Perez.


Fashion | Exclusive
In gossamer whispers and empowering weaves, she bares her dreams and desires in a world ever so silent, it is deafening. An exquisite ballet of minimalism and nature by Chloé Le Reste and Sara Medali.

Unorthodox / Monastery Jewellery

Fashion | Spotlight
Though the name might suggest otherwise, this brand is in no way orthodox. We delve into the intricate world of Monastery Jewellery, where each piece carries within itself the unique philosophy of the label and the utmost care that goes into its creation.