Poetic Rebellion

des FILLES désir Flowers II Collection

A spotlight on the latest collection of Berlin-based des FILLES désir, founded by Adrian Stoica, a brand that champions innovative women’s wear with unexpected silhouettes and textures as an antidote to fast fashion. Committed to slow fashion, each garment is meticulously crafted on-demand, minimizing waste and supporting Adrian’s hometown of Focșani, Romania. Adrian’s design ethos, rooted in his pattern cutting apprenticeship and conceptual fashion studies, embraces a lyrical approach and a poetic take on design.

Poetic Rebellion

Fashion: des FILLES désir / @desfillesdesir
Creative direction & photography: Viola Patzig @violapatzig
Dop & direction: Jonas Reichert / @jonas_reichert_
Styling: Adrian Stoica / @adria_tica
Hair & makeup: Agnes Olszanski / @agaolszanski at @artistpool
Model: Anastasiya / @chyrvaaa at @izaio.modelmanagement
Set design: Luchs Setdesign / @luchs.setdesign
Photo/film assistant: Cora / @tambolinii
Location: Studio Batterie / @studiobatterie

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