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Keep it tight

Fashion | Exclusive
Exploring the delicate yet powerful essence of the garments, this editorial highlights intricate details and bold silhouettes, revealing a world where elegance meets daring innovation. Photographed by Amelia J. Dowd and styled by Catherine V.

Duomo AW24 / Sonnenblume

Fashion | Spotlight
Presentation and photo series of the latest AW24 collection "Sonnenblume" by avant-garde brand Duomo. Showed during New York Fashion Week and photographed by Shepherd Jin.

Doomsday jellyfish

Photography | Exclusive
Celestial entities interwine under a cosmic fabric, bridging the spheres of extraterrestrial intrigue and the human afterlife. Captivated by the stolen glories of heaven, the uninvited travellers go on a sinister, dopamine-fueled quest to discover the mysterious impulses that flow through the universe, emotions. A futuristic renaissance by Dahua Zhang.

Paint it red

Fashion | Exclusive
In a world ablaze with passion, "Red" unveils an array of scarlet hues, igniting the runway. Scarlet secrets of desire, garnet echoes of strength;each ensemble a fervent chapter, a love letter to the lure of crimson dreams in a monochrome universe. Narrative captured by Oleg Borisuk.

Virgin Mutation

Fashion | Exclusive
Encased in a paradox, Purna metamorphically transcends conventional bounds. This editorial redefines limits with heavenly disruption, whispering secrets of sartorial growth. It's an ode to innocence and defiance. Editorial by Sieme Hermans​.

Reverie / Future Femme

Fashion | Interview
Step into the realm of Reverie, an emerging fashion label born from the visionary minds of two women. Immerse yourself in an exclusive interview where Lika and Ana unveil their odyssey, weaving together cutting-edge designs.

Natural discomfort

Fashion | Exclusive
Unveil boundaries that are mere illusions. A narrative where reality and the superficial converge; surreal meets style and wonder; self-belief emerges from the beautifully uncomfortable. An editorial series by Jendrik Schroeder and Alice Secchi.

Weiraen / Bridging the Gap Between Real & Virtual

Fashion | Interview
A chat with New York City-based fashion designer, who established her eponymous brand soon after completing the Parsons Fashion Design and Society MFA program in 2022. Her label seamlessly blends avant-garde, inventive techniques with traditional craftsmanship, challenging conventional norms and transforming ordinary items in the realm of fashion design.

Ann Demeulemeester SS/24

Fashion | Spotlight
Delicate silks juxtaposed with rugged leather, sheer chiffon combined with structured tailoring – a stunning interplay of light and shadow, with a sense of depth and dimension that draws the eye in. Ethereal elegance and raw edginess for the Ann Demeulemeester SS/24 Collection by the newly appointed creative director Stefano Gallici. Born in 1996 and an alumnus of IUAV in Venice, he started his professional journey in Antwerp, initially as an assistant designer under the tutelage of Haider Ackermann. Subsequently, he ventured to Paris, where he assumed a pivotal role within the creative ensemble responsible for the menswear division at Ann Demeulemeester before taking over also womenswear this season. Backstage report by Nicola Bortoletto.

Rick Owens S/S24

Fashion | Spotlight
A series of portraits at Rick Owens Spring/Summer '24 photographed by Riccardo Scalfo during Paris Fashion Week.

0010×0010 / Avant-Garde Alienation

Art&Culture | Interview
The multi disciplinary artist 0010x0010 in conversation about what it means to be a digital artist and their diverse and eccentric practices, spanning from music to AI and 3D design, his link to fashion and to the metaverse. The artist subverts notions of art and triggers a sense of darkness and alienation, imagining anOther world that might not yet exist.

Charles Jimenez / Illusions and unconsciousness

Photography | Interview
The multi-disciplinary artist Charles Jimenez talks about their practices including performance art, filmmaking, and photography in conversation with Alice Lipizzi. Spanning through unscious sides of the brain, they explore the uncanny, painting genderless compositions.