Doomsday Jellyfish

Photographed by Dahua Zhang.

Celestial entities interwine under a cosmic fabric, bridging the spheres of extraterrestrial intrigue and the human afterlife. Captivated by the stolen glories of heaven, the uninvited travellers go on a sinister, dopamine-fueled quest to discover the mysterious impulses that flow through the universe, emotions. A futuristic renaissance by Dahua Zhang.

Doomsday jellyfish


Photography: @dahuaaaaa
Costume designer: @zjingdai_deniv
Creative direction: @cc_q1u
Makeup&hair: @dayudayu1616
CG: @tan_g.00 @dahuaaaaa
Lighting: @jeffreychu @tan_g.00
Retouch: @xigua.pi
Models: @liuran0122 @carver_cfw824

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