Photographed by Louise Helmfrid.

A spectral aura walking through the urban shadows. Blood and murmurs around the city but nobody knows; nobody understands; nobody has seen. A mysterious editorial of the life of "Toni" through the lens of Louise Helmfrid.



Photography: Louise Sinaga Helmfrid / @rohanasin
Creative Direction: Erik Annerborn, Louise Sinaga Helmfrid / @eriksitoito @rohanasin
Styling: Erik Annerborn / @eriksitoito
Styling asst: Acuarela Beard / @acua.santa
Retouch: Jennifer Nyman, Louise Sinaga Helmfrid  / @nytusch @rohanasin
Jewellery: Csaw /
Model: Andy Yuè Shěn / @8_sh3n

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