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Casey Gleghorn / Downtown’s finest Art Delivery

Art&Culture | Interview
Deeply delving into the essence of NO, a gallery located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Casey Gleghorn reveals the origins and the soul behind each choice. He invites us to explore upcoming projects and current endeavours. In a multitude of these realities, NO Gallery stands out as a space that hosts artists capable of reviewing and exploring cultural and social paradigms.

Dolce & Gabbana / From the Heart to the Hands

Art&Culture | Spotlight
From April 7th to July 31st, Dolce & Gabbana opens its doors to the public for its multisensory and artistic exhibition at Palazzo Reale in Milan. This international event is sponsored by the Municipality of Milan in collaboration with IMG.

Maŕa / Desperate Love

Art&Culture | Interview
Maŕa’s announces debut album Dawn with music video Desperate Love , Dawn’s lead single, “Desperate Love,” is out now.

Tati Au Miel / Transcendental Vision

Art&Culture | Interview
This versatile artist shares their perspective on perceiving reality. The world around us is a flux of energies and auras, and with a spiritual and transcendental outlook, it becomes possible to transmute them into sensory sounds. Experimentation, sound culture, and performances are approached unconventionally, representing just a few of the myriad facets of this creative journey.

Her darkness

Fashion | Exclusive
Revealing the sharp hidden depths from the darkness. Styled by Tsiann Alexa and captured through Kevin Sikorski’s lens.

Judit Kristensen / Empathetic Shadows

Art&Culture | Interview
The artist, without filters, tells us about herself, about how it's possible to perceive the depths of life and make them figurative. Every small detail, glimpse of human essence, encapsulates a layering of emotions that can emerge through a meticulous and intense gaze. Epochs, disturbances, psychological entanglements are frozen and transformed into a creative expression full of nuances.

In the void / Margiela Exhibition

Art&Culture | Spotlight
An exhibition by Parodi Costume Collection x Byronesque presenting Margiela's suspenseful and absent image in a unique, unconventional fashion display.

Allen-Golder Carpenter / Conceptual Audacity

Art&Culture | Interview
Exploring the bold and innovative world of a conceptual artist who challenges conventions and addresses social and crucial themes through their work. From their early beginnings to their current solo show at No gallery in New York, this artist has captured the attention of the art world, increasingly stunning audiences with their provocative installations and unique vision. We delve into their personal journey, the influences that have shaped their work, future projects, and the great tenacity that continually fuels their creative passion.

Duomo AW24 / Sonnenblume

Fashion | Spotlight
Presentation and photo series of the latest AW24 collection "Sonnenblume" by avant-garde brand Duomo. Showed during New York Fashion Week and photographed by Shepherd Jin.

Claws out

Fashion | Exclusive
Wandering through feral places at night, decked with the raw strokes of authenticity and the bold hues of rebellion. Ka Min wearing savage pieces by Iacsite, shot by Marco Giuliano and styled by Anca Macavei.

Luis Enrique Zela-Koort / Meta-Fictional Exploration

Art&Culture | Interview
We immerse ourselves in a realm of alternative visions, interweaving, and articulations capable of transporting us to different dimensions. The artist invites us into their mind, making it explicit that art and creative expression are meant to transcend conventional frameworks, eliciting even uncomfortable sensations that are crucial for dismantling conscious classifications. Psyche, science, technologies, life... we stand before a diverse alignment of elements, the essential discovery of an artistic talent that knows how to take our minds on journeys.

Dark fairy

Fashion | Exclusive
In the forgotten realm of shadows and whispers where only moonlight dare pierce the darkness, there danced a winged fairy named Death by Romy. Photographed by Daniel Rubinshtein.