Photographed by Landy Di Lan.

Through the prism of moments, she dances unrestrained, a soul unburdened. In her world, societal norms blur, and her story unfolds—an evening of defiance, embracing life's eclectic hues through the peephole of individuality. A raw, unapologetic narrative by Landy Di Lan, Gulliver Whitby and Angela Jiang.



Photography & Video: Landy Di Lan / @landydilan_
Art Direction: Gulliver Whitby / @gulliverwhitby
Styling: Angela Jiang / @molamolangela
Makeup & Hair: Rui Lee / @42nox_ein
Production Manager: Tutu / @diaogangluotele
Post Production & Sound Design: Gulliver Whitby / @gulliverwhitby
Music: Song ‘Die Blaude Stunde’ by Meow Meow & Thomas Lauderdale
Voice Over: Effie Hanne, Chenming Wang / @effiehanne @wang.chenming
Special thanks: Yudai Tateshi, Ash, Selena Xu / @yudai.tateishi @superawesomesaucekid @lene_a_lene
Talent: Tat Katysheva / @tatkatysheva @theclawmodels

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