Photographed by Cris Morera.

Dive into the suspenseful, and unsettling depths of women's minds. An idyllic narrative through the shadows of complex psyches, whispering secrets in the luminescence of one another's inner world. An intriguing editorial by Cris Morera.



Photography & Creative direction: Cris Morera / @crismorera_
Styling: Maria Capaldo / @naughtyyanka
Makeup & hair: Laia Gordó / @grmuasty
Artists: Jordi Martí Casas, Andrea Capel / @jordimarticasas @_capelita
Set design: Laia N.Pazos /
Aux. constructions: Cristina Corberó / @kiti.peine
Digital assistant: Andrea Lázaro / @simorglasss
Light assistant: Laura Sanz / @lausanz_
Models: Elda Romeva at Blow Models, Antonella at Zerek Studio / @eldaromeva @blowmodels, @aantitoc @zerek_studio

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