Boros Collection #4

May 1, 2022 – March 31, 2026
Berlin, Germany

May first of last year marked the comeback of a much anticipated exhibition in the pandemic-stricken art world. Boros Collection #4 couldn’t have been launched at a more fitting time – amidst the sudden wave of optimism following a two-year period of COVID-driven stagnation, we find ourselves crippled but devoutly yearning for a reappraisal of values and a rejuvenated sense of affirmation. Curated by Karen and Christian Boros, twenty-five contemporary artists reflect upon the marginal times we live in alongside the consequences of an ever-digitising world on our bodies and social dynamics. Relentless metamorphosis, alienation and isolation are part of the themes that frame the essence of the exhibition which takes place in a converted Second World War bunker and will be on display until 2026. 

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