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In conversation with the designers behind the Georgian label Reverie Wear.

Step into the realm of Reverie, an emerging fashion label born from the visionary minds of two women. Immerse yourself in an exclusive interview where Lika and Ana unveil their odyssey, weaving together cutting-edge designs.

On your website it is stated that Reverie was founded by two young women who were captivated by the idea of creating a brand that embodied the enigmatic energy of women. Could you elaborate on the factors that influenced this vision?

At first it was just a dream, an idea, never thought that it would become reality. Our main idea while creating a brand was rooted in a profound desire to bring something fresh and innovative to the world of fashion. Mostly influenced of the idea to be different, to express yourself without any hesitation. We recognized the need for a brand that not only celebrated individuality, but also empowered people to embrace their unique selves. Our story exemplifies the spirit of two enterprising individuals who dared to turn their passion into a visionary brand, uniting creativity and fashion with a commitment to authenticity and empowerment.

The information available about your backgrounds is relatively limited and enigmatic. Can you give some insights into your personal and professional journeys?

We are Lika Tkhinvaleli & Ana Javakhadze. We are deeply committed to the idea that the brand takes precedence over individual recognition. With this philosophy, we have maintained to focus mostly on the brand’s identity and vision. We believe in letting their creations speak for themselves, and as such, their backgrounds remain deliberately understated, allowing the brand’s essence to shine without distractions.
L.T: my journey has started, with enormous love of fashion and enormous desire to be a little bit different with my style, so basically what we are doing is quite similar to my taste as well. As a regular person born in a small country, mostly, I was interested to study well, to become someone who has a good job and nice salary, but at the end of the day, when I started to work with my profession, (in public sector) I saw, that time by time I felt like I could not express myself, because of the dress code needed, also working from 9-5, office life, was stressing me and than I decided to leave. While Anano, who is my best friend has been experiencing kind of the same situation about the work and life itself, we decided to try something new, but the love and determination that actually we had towards this, we even could not imagine, when we first had this idea.
A.J.: from the very childhood, I was obsessed to paint, draw. I loved to express myself on paper. Also, I really enjoyed to re-design some of old clothes, or just make something new with my design, unfortunately, never looked at it seriously, probably because, as a child I was influenced from others and decided to go with a different direction, but whole me life I knew I wanted something else. When I realized that I made huge mistake, at the age of 30 I dropped everything and decided to start from very beginning. I guess its better late than never :). Regarding the fact that we have known each other for whole our lives, I have a feeling that Lika and I found each other once again, like when you are in right place, right time and right person.
Despite the fact that, us, as an individuals, we do have really different taste, as well our characters are super different, so, It was kind of challenge for the first time, that being a friend is quite different, than being a partner in business. But, fortunately, this differences has become our plus, not the opposite.

Naming a brand is a critical and challenging step. What was the process that led to the selection of the name “Reverie”?

The process of naming a brand is both critical and challenging, often filled with creativity and strategic thinking. In this particular case, we aspired to create a clothing line that would become a dream for everyone, a name that would resonate with a sense of aspiration and longing. We had everything ready, except of the name, it really was THE hardest part. When we found this French word , we both felt that it was meant for us. We did not wanted to have meaningless name, or just the initials. So this word was perfect. (Dream, day dream, this is our dream). We wanted a name that encapsulated this imaginative spirit, with the idea that everyone should not only dream but also daydream about our clothes no matter where you are. The selection process involved brainstorming sessions, market analysis, and careful consideration of how the name would resonate with their target audience. Ultimately, we chose a name that conjured the essence of daydreaming, a moniker that would evoke a sense of creativity, wonder, and the endless potential of the human imagination, encouraging customers to dream and daydream while adorning themselves in their unique clothing creations.

What is the process involved in crafting a garment for your brand? Furthermore, how would you describe your creative process, and what are your main sources of inspiration?

Crafting a garment for our brand is a meticulous and hands-on process, where every detail matters. From the initial concept to the finished product, everything is lovingly handmade by both of us. After the clothes are expertly created, a crucial and standout feature of our brand is the intricate design of the metal elements. These metal pieces are meticulously crafted by us. We try to be sure that each garment, whether it’s made of fabric or contains metal elements, embodies the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. We painstakingly replicate the design for each and every piece, making sure that they are not just identical but also maintain a level of cleanliness and flawlessness that sets our brand apart. It’s a process that ensures our garments are not only beautiful but also represent a standard of craftsmanship that is truly exceptional. We are not just making clothes, we put our heart and soul into every stitch, every metal piece, and every seam. This commitment to perfection can be challenging, but it’s also undeniably inspiring. We believe that this personal touch is what sets our brand apart, and it’s a testament to our dedication to creating garments that are not just beautiful but also ideal in every way. Our creative process is deeply rooted in the notion of empowerment and liberation. Our main source of inspiration is the unyielding desire to offer freedom to women, a freedom that extends beyond the confines of clothing.

Reverie / Future Femme


Brand: Reverie / @_reveriewear
Interview: Basak Saygin / @thewdsy

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