Natural discomfort

Photographed by Jendrik Schroeder.

Unveil boundaries that are mere illusions. A narrative where reality and the superficial converge; surreal meets style and wonder; self-belief emerges from the beautifully uncomfortable. An editorial series by Jendrik Schroeder and Alice Secchi.

Natural discomfort


Photography: Jendrik Schroeder / @jendrik.schroeder
Creative direction: Alice Secchi, Jendrik Schroeder / @iamaliceice @jendrik.schroeder
Styling: Alice Secchi / @iamaliceice
Production: Offshoot Berlin / @offshoot_berlin
Makeup: Juliana Stepanenko / @juliana.stepanenko
Hair: Tina Pachta / @tina__pachta
Photo assistant: Luisa Neuner, Tim Fischer / @lui.galaktisch @timpescatore
Set assistant: Claudia / @claudiaprofessione
Models: Amelie Sinclair at Izaio mgmt, Olga Borisova at Madwomen / @izaio.modelmanagement @olgaaborisova @madwomenagency

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