Birth / An endless loop

A performance by Rebecca Lenaerts.

“Birth” is a video work that originates from filmed footage of a handmade feather cloak by Rebecca Lenaerts. Viewers are taken on a journey that explores the intersection of the digital and the natural, blurring the lines between observation and imagination, and bridging the tactile and the visceral in a piece that combines the texture and motion of feathers with the crafted digital soundscape by Atom™ and the poetic visuals curated by Sophie Vanhomwegen. On show on September 29th & 30th during the Image Generator Festival in Antwerp, together with the “Birdwoman” performance.

Rebecca Lenaerts, a versatile Belgian artist based in Brussels, thrives on artistic hybridity and the fusion of theatre with various art forms. Her diverse portfolio includes audio stories, storytelling projects, installations, and performances. Inspired by Japanese Butoh, she’s transitioned from verbal expression to the silent language of the body, training extensively with Butoh masters.

Her latest video work, titled “Birth,” transcends traditional artistic boundaries, merging visual, sound, and performance art into a captivating experience. The project began with the creation of a feather-covered blanket, which inspired the artists debut solo performance  “Still a bird” where she explores her own Butoh Dance journey in collaboration with dancer Tijen Lawton.  “Birth” is a collaborative project that has been developed together with other two creative minds: Rebecca Lenaerts enlisted Brussels-based mixed-media artist Sophie Vanhomwegen to film the performance using a 360° camera, resulting in unexpectedly beautiful footage, while music producer Atom™ joined the project, contributing “texturen VI” to provide a unique auditory layer to the visuals.

The creators delve into the relationship between nature and the digital realm, blurring the lines between the two as nature is fundamentally digital due to algorithmic structures and finite, grained properties so emphasising interdependence among all life forms. “Birth” is designed to be viewed in a continuous loop, symbolising the eternal cycle of life and death. Each repetition unveils new details, transforming the mechanical into the meditative. Transcending traditional artistic boundaries, it encourages viewers to explore the intricate dance of life and interconnectedness. More than a video; it’s an immersive exploration of the interplay between art, technology, and nature. This collaborative endeavour challenges perceptions, invites introspection, and showcases the potential of multidisciplinary artistry in today’s inextricably bound world.

After a long journey, she came to a halt. It was time to contemplate and to feel. Deep breaths of concentration led to the conclusion that it may not be upon her as to which path to take. She surrendered to that idea. A sudden rush toured her spine. Her entire vision pixelated, downgraded to a lower resolution. Dragged towards the scent of its flawless skin she kept walking the endless path, certain that this was where the answer could be found. The soil was nourished by the millions of deceased who had walked the path before her. She understood that this was the natural progression: the sound of a river, the rings of a bird, the feathers of Saturn. (excerpt from ‘An Algorithmic Odyssey’ by X1N)

Birth / An endless loop

Performance: Rebecca Lenaerts / @rebeccalenaerts
Video: Sophie Vanhomwegen | Audio: Atom™

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