Soundscapes vol.71 / La Jungle

Art&Culture | Soundscapes
A selection by La Jungle, the techno-kraut / noise-rock duo from Belgium containing bands that Jim & Roxie consider as their own classics - without any kind of musical genre or time classification. A few notorious names, and way more almost unknown people.

La Chica / 3 & Hoy

Art&Culture | Spotlight
"3 and Hoy" are the opening and closing tracks of the album "La Loba" by Latin American/Paris-based artist La Chica. They are linked in a single short film illustrating the path traveled from despair to elevation. Directed by Adriana Berroteran & Lauren Pringle.

Soundscapes vol.70 / Anilah

Fashion | Soundscapes
A selection by Anilah, a listening space for others that could act as a sanctuary, a place separate from all the tension, anxiety, and chaos that we may be experiencing.

Boris Brejcha / High-tech minimalism

Art&Culture | Interview
In conversation with Boris Brejcha, the german high-tech minimal music artist and producer on the occasion of the launch of his invigorating single 'Twisted Reality’.

Soundscapes vol.69 / Sylvaine

Art&Culture | Soundscapes
An eclectic selection from Norwegian multi-instrumentalist Sylvaine and highlighting her strong duality between worlds.

Road to Unsound 2021

Art&Culture | Spotlight
Amorphous festival of music and related visual arts. October 13th – 17th, Krakow

Soundscapes vol.68 / Para One

Art&Culture | Soundscapes
Para One: patching together some influences that shaped the sound of my new album and inspired me to go through the process of writing the movie and designing a coherent musical journey.

Soundscapes vol.67 / The KVB

Art&Culture | Soundscapes
Hypnotic psychedelia: a selection by the British coldwave duo The KVB by Nicholas Wood & Kat Day.

Soundscapes vol.66 / Kai Whiston

Art&Culture | Soundscapes
A selection by Kai Whiston, London based music producer and multidisciplinary artist; specialised in romanticism, amplified world building and post-genre sound design.

Soundscapes vol.65 / Purple Disco Machine

Art&Culture | Soundscapes
Ten tracks to invoke a never ending summertime dreaming from German DJ, producer and remixer Tino Piontek aka Purple Disco Machine.

Solomun / Everybody is loved

Art&Culture | Soundscapes
About instincts and momentum: in conversation with dance music titan Solomun on the occasion of his newly launched album Nobody Is Not Loved, released on his own NINL label together with a selection of personal highlights for our latest Soundscapes series.

Soundscapes vol.63 / Marcel Dettmann

Art&Culture | Soundscapes
Take a deep dive into Marcel Dettmann's home listening record collection. For our Soundscapes series the longstanding Berghain resident, BAD MANNERS and MDR label owner selected music from his defining teenage years during the late 80s and early 90s.

Soundscapes vol.62 / Tempers Music

Art&Culture | Soundscapes
A selection of favorites by Tempers, the NYC-based duo comprised of Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Cooper who's dark, ice-cold electronica blends a sinister slow static disco with danceable beats, a hinting of pop sensibility imprisoned in an almost gothic, industrial soundscape.

Soundscapes vol.60 / Ziur

Art&Culture | Soundscapes
“The selection hits the vibe of the countless solitude hangs i had with my close friends over the past year and a bit. We’d listen to music, talk and be silly, occasionally play dice, sip mezcal and develop techniques on how to lipread an apocalypse.” A playlist from Ziúr, longtime fixture in Berlin’s nightlife, musician, producer and DJ on the occasion of her latest album on PAN ‘Antifate’.