Kaleidoscopic wormhole

Interview with TJ Hertz aka Objekt, producer and DJ living in Berlin.

Euphoria and release, algorithmic machines and creative sensibility. The world of Objekt cohesively blends dichotomies of being through the language of music. The DJ and producer has been a pioneer in the development of the music industry and in this special feature for Nasty Magazine, Objekt opens up about his perception of the clubbing scene, his creative process, and his background at Native Instruments. A fine mind in the music scene, Objekt acts as a spatiotemporal tunnel connecting audiences through his highly polished DJ sets, resembling what he calls a ‘Kaleidoscopic wormhole’. 

Objekt / Kaleidoscopic wormhole


Artist: Objekt / @objekttt
Interview: Alice Lipizzi / @strafiko
Editor: Anca Macavei  / @ancamacavei

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