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Goddess waifu love

Fashion | Exclusive
Dive into a world of fantasy and fashion in a symphony of crazy style and female empowerment. Naomi Salabi photographed by Rebecca Dorothy and styled by Camille Doizi.

Weaving Drama

Fashion | Spotlight
Showcasing Xiaolei Xu, born in Zhejiang, China, and educated in Berlin, Germany. Her work delves into cultural identity, merging contemporary design with traditional culture.


Fashion | Exclusive
For she is more than just a vision, a being whose light knows no bounds and a sanctuary from the chaos that rages beyond. A talk with French-Dutch fashion brand Guillaume Alexandre, in a fashion story by Marco Giuliano and Anca Macavei.

Color queen

Fashion | Exclusive
Dive into a world of vibrant hues and artistic expression, where fashion meets the strokes of a color queen's palette. Photographed by Yvonne Club, styled by Capucine Terrin.

Sculptural Silhouettes

Fashion | Exclusive
A fresh, avant-garde perspective by up-and-coming Asian designer that transcends the boundaries of traditional haute couture. Characterised by arresting silhouettes, rich textures, and a dreamlike sensibility, these sculptural garments blur the line between fashion and fine art.

Under the image

Fashion | Exclusive
The inevitable desire of humanity to explore the unknown, connect with the outside world, and transcend through the underground. A series in three parts by Shanghai based photographer Ting.

That other girl

Fashion | Exclusive
A fun interplay of converging personas within a single soul, divided yet harmonious in its complexity. Unravel these dueling layers narrated by Veronica De Totero, through the lens of Michele Mancano.


Fashion | Exclusive
A fortress of psychological defence, an intricate ballet where relationships tangle through the subconscious, stands in the labyrinth of the mind. In the middle of this never-ending cycle, the trauma's haunting echoes are heard, an immutable concert that points the way towards recurrent episodes and inevitable fatality. A mind triggering editorial by Zhihao You and Kagalai.


Photography | Exclusive
Vibrant colours pirouette around a kaleidoscopic dreamscape. Every image is a brushstroke of colour, starring shape-shifting muse Sofia Pedrazzoli. Narrative photographed by June Tamò-Collin.


Photography | Spotlight
Every hue tells a story of creativity and fun. 1 and 3 versions of your Korean muse Seojin, captured in different vibrant settings by Cherry Capture and Kimjineok.

Around the clock

Photography | Exclusive
There's no time left to stay when you are alone in the dark. Jen and Hannah photographed by Samuel Edwards and styled by Aimee Smith.

Radiant decay

Fashion | Exclusive
A talk with rising talent Florence Rose, appearing in a pastel goth story by Marco Giuliano and Anca Macavei, shot in the perfectly vibrant setting of Nhow Hotel in London.