Photographed by Zhihao You.

A fortress of psychological defence, an intricate ballet where relationships tangle through the subconscious, stands in the labyrinth of the mind. In the middle of this never-ending cycle, the trauma's haunting echoes are heard, an immutable concert that points the way towards recurrent episodes and inevitable fatality. A mind triggering editorial by Zhihao You and Kagalai.



Photography: Zhihao You / @rojohnrojohn
Styling: Aki (StarArt) / @akikun74
Creative Director: Kagalai / @kaga_collection
Makeup: Zehong Chen / @zeho1018
Hair: Zengcheng Chen / @jack_13421188
Producer: Samuel / @samuel_pig
Model: Natasha at Same Model mgmt / @ffrlva @samemodelmgmt

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