In Her Head

Photographed by Cecilia Minutillo Turtur.

I still keep hearing from you, slowly you spread in my body through my veins. Will you see me changed? I let the seasons change me. Tell me how feels like to be overwhelmed with words on the darkest nights. An intimate fashion story shot by Cecilia Minutillo Turtur.

In Her Head


Photography, Art Direction and Collage: Cecilia Minutillo Turtur / @cecioblu
Stylingt: Marzia Cipolla / @marziacipolla
Makeup: Ludovica Sechi and Serena Giannetti / @ludovica.sechi_makeup, @serenagiannetti_beauty
Photo assistant: Luca Scarparo / @luke._s
Model: Anna / @iosonoannaconduea

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