Virgin Mutation

Photographed by Sieme Hermans.

Encased in a paradox, Purna metamorphically transcends conventional bounds. This editorial redefines limits with heavenly disruption, whispering secrets of sartorial growth. It's an ode to innocence and defiance. Editorial by Sieme Hermans​.

Virgin Mutation


Photography & Art direction: Sieme Hermans​ / @siemehermans​
Styling: Xander Pauwels​ / @xanderpwls​​
Makeup: Aoife Dewandeleer​ / @its_eefa​​
Hair: Robbe Vermaete​ / @robbe.vermaete​
Makeup assistant: Faustine Vandenhende​​​ / @faust.vdh​​​​
Hair assistants: Emma De Becker, Dorien Bergen​​ / @emmadbckr @dorienbergen.muah
Photo assistants: Wout Vloeberghs, Gianna Zappettini ​/ @wout.vloeberghs​
Set assistants: Jonathan Verschaeve, Isha Frateur ​/ @jonathan.verschaeve @isha.frtr
Model & Set design: Purna Renault​​ / @purna_renault

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