Whispers of White

A spotlight on Glase.

Glase embodies the essence of femininity drawing inspiration from the lush landscapes and exotic vegetation of her mother’s global journeys during the 70s and 90s. Each creation is a blend of delicate cotton and refined pleats, symbolising a perfect union. The textiles are meticulously sourced from antiques, donations, artisan workshops, and prestigious Parisian fashion houses. Through a philosophy of luxurious simplicity, Glase celebrates the art of craftsmanship and the intrinsic beauty of materials.

Whispers of White

Fashion: GLASE / @studio.glase
Photo: Lucas Rybo / @rybojadsky
Model: Loïne Langevin / @llangevin,
MUA: Emeline Marret / @emeline_marret_mua

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