Rendez-vous on Io

Photographed by Thomas Kuhn

Observe Thomas Kuhn and his creative team play with bright colors and elements of present day youth culture creating an energetic photo series to please the eye.

Rendez-vous on Io


Photography & Co-Direction: Thomas Kuhn / @thomaskuhnph
Creative direction, styling & casting: Cyrine Dufaux / @Cyrine_dfx
Make-up: Carla Lange / @carla.andrea.lange
Hair: Melanie Hoppe / @melanie.hoppe
Assistant: Thomas Papa / @blank.3x
Location Scout: Maximilien Pegasus / @maximilienpegasus_
Aladdin Charni: Location “Le Gallo – Boulogne-Billancourt”
Model: Nessie / @nessienastya @nextmodels

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