• Tick Tack’s Milestone

    Spotlight on two new exhibitions during Antwerp Art Weekend

On May 16 and 17, the gallery celebrated its fifth anniversary with two major openings and a night event dedicated to the contemporary creative scene. The exhibitions ‘Interfears’ at Phillips and ‘Le Nouveau Biedermeier’ at the main venue were presented to the public, reaffirming Tick Tack’s experimental value.

In a city characterised by order and perfect geometric and chromatic harmony, there is an inner layer that encapsulates the frenetic pulse of contemporary art. This dimension emerges during a specific time of the year: art week. Here, Antwerp breaks its constant balance and becomes a nexus of experimentation, where galleries and artists open doors to new artistic horizons.

Amidst the tangle of spots present, there is one specific institution, located in the city centre, that celebrates a relevant milestone: TICK TACK is celebrating its 5 years of strong presence in the art scene.Founded in 2019, it has become home to some of the greatest international artists. It possesses a completely dynamic soul and an unconventional flavour housed in a structure that is, in itself, out of the ordinary. To celebrate this dual event, TT has doubled its space and incorporated an additional cultural centre into its artistic framework: PHILLIPS, hosting a solo exhibition with a cinematic imprint.
The space focuses on the medium of audio-video art and becomes a site-specific location for “INTERFEARS,” the new work by danish artist JESPER JUST, inaugurated on the evening of May 16th.

The exhibition, curated by Domenico de Chirico, is set in this dark and minimal space and features a large screen at its centre, where the independent film is played on a loop.The essence of the work revolves around the intertwining of different themes, incorporating the stereotype of Hollywood cinema to explore dystopian and psycho-immersive relationships. Danish artist Jesper Just, now based in Berlin, challenges and stimulates consciousness by analysing the relationship between humans, machines, and emotions. The film alternates and balances scenes featuring the actor Matt Dillon, and purely scientific scenes where machines play the main role.

The viewer witnesses a poetic and philosophical monologue aimed at exploring human emotions in relation to the surrounding environment, technology, and the essence of existence itself. During the spoken act, the fMRI machine performs a brain scan, transforming brainwaves into bi-and three-dimensional visions.
The result is a fluid and sinuous interaction (achieved through the involvement of the machine element) between the blood vessels’ flow and the waves generated by emotions. In this process, Jesper also highlights the intrinsic message of a naive human endeavour that strives for frantic technological progress, creating without knowing the limits of its actions; thus, this activity has a dark side, unknown even to its creator. The gallery’s role continues and reaches its peak the following day with an entire non-stop day dedicated to multifaceted creativity and social relations between art and the public.
On May 17th, the opening of LE NOUVEAU BIEDERMEIER took place, a group exhibition curated by Lisa Junghanss and active until June 29th. The exhibition maximises the unique structure of the gallery, both in terms of physical layout and themes, focusing on the topic of art and social interaction.

The space is structured over three different levels, two of which can be seen from the outside thanks to a large window. The concept is a path that is both vertical, for ascending and descending between levels, and horizontal, for the direct relationship between the external observer and the internal content.

This spatial dynamism was used by the curator to create a fluid interrelation of works created by 30 artists, including: Olivia Berckemeyer, Antje Blumenstein, Jonas Burgert, Martin Eder, Patrick Vanden Eynde, Tine Furler, Axel Geis, Lise Harlev, Patrick Henne, Gregor Hildebrandt, Juliane Hundertmark, Dritan Hyska, Jeroen Jacobs, Christian Jankowski, Sven Johne, Andreas Koch, Julia Krewani, Peer Kriesel, Joep van Liefland, Catherine Lorent, Karla Marchesi, Andreas Mühe, NEOZOON, Frank Nitsche, Nik Nowak, Cornelia Renz, Anselm Reyle, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Jenny Rosemeyer, Michael Sailstorfer, Thomas Scheibitz, Philip Topolovac, Tilman Wendland, and others.

With a punk aesthetic approach and at times provocative, the exhibition delves into the concept of art as social engagement. This highly debated theme has long placed artists under pressure, pushing them towards aesthetic conformity. What is channelled here is a NON-conformity. The audience encounters a heterogeneous network of works with a rebellious and at times provocative visual impact and an ambiguous message. The game lies in the subjective gaze; the observer is placed in a position to grasp the aesthetic humour and develop a critical judgement that goes beyond the initial visual impact. Sculptures, video art, canvases, installations… one ventures into an experimental platform and terrain of controversial approaches. Thanks to the curator’s style and touch, known for her disturbing and surreal installations and combinations, a social critique is reached, with non-conformity as the highest form of expression and ideological creativity.

The event then culminated in a night time party, where club life and techno culture became the primary channels of interaction. At KASKO’S bar VOLT, art fused with the music scene, allowing for a conclusion to the day immersed in dark and electronic multisensoriality.
The brutalist setting imparted that dark and intriguing flavour to a convivial and friendly atmosphere, creating an unexpected mix overall. Music culture was honoured through performances by renowned artists such as Eddie Peake (UK), the producer Mickey Pearce (UK), and other special guest DJs like DJ Iris (BE). All of them, through a Funktion-One Sound System, generated sonic vibrations and a highly immersive experience.
With its fifth anniversary, Tick Tack has reaffirmed its position in Antwerp’s cultural and artistic scene. By leveraging the power of communication and social entertainment, it has placed the observer in front of a critical confrontation and a delightful reasoning. If the purpose of a gallery is to be a ground and a springboard for experimentation, Tick Tack respects it in a multilayered sense.

Antwerp Art Weekend / Tick Tack’s Milestone


Gallery: Tick Tack / @ticktack.be
Art Curator ‘le nouveau Biedermeier’ : Lisa Junghanss / @lisajunghanss_studio
Art Curator ‘Interfears’ : Domenico De Chirico / @domenico_de_chirico
Words: Annalisa Fabbrucci / @annalisa_fabbrucci
Editor: Maria Abramenko / @mariabramenko

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