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Ben Frost / Among The Petals

Art&Culture | Spotlight
Spotlight on Ben Frost’s new sound installation, "Among the Petals", a monumental skeletal structure on display at the Momentary in Bentonville earlier this year. Essay by Maria Abramenko focused on the aesthetic analysis of Frost's work.

Maria Chiara Valacchi / Into a New Curation

Art&Culture | Interview
Getting to know what the versatile art curator has meticulously built over the years. Revolution, craving of innovation, and tenacity have allowed her to refresh and recreate an established system, highlighting the power of an unusual perspective. The brilliant curator sheds light on the multitude of possible paths to pursue a goal and emphasises that innovation and creativity are driving forces for new artistic horisons.

Exposures: Bloody Merry

Art&Culture | Spotlight
Curated by Maria Abramenko

Black Light Theater

Art&Culture | Spotlight
“Black + Light Theater – the Takeover III” from Anticlone Gallery. In partnership with Mandrake for Frieze Art Week London. It featured a week-long programme of events showcasing multidisciplinary artists specialising in sound, performance, moving image and interactive installations. It was curated by Sade English and Maria Abramenko.

Chadd Curry / Anticlone Takeover

Art&Culture | Interview
A figurehead of London’s underground nightlife scene, American-born DJ and performance artist Chad Curry in conversation with Maria Abramenko on his attendance at the Anticlone Takeover III.

Lulu Wang / Break The Dark Ice

Art&Culture | Spotlight
Nasty attends “Break the Dark Ice” a new exhibit by Lulu Wang at Pocko Gallery, curated by Maria Abramenko.

PicNic Affair Returns

Art&Culture | Spotlight
Picnic Affair, a triannual boutique celebration of music, arts, and joie de vivre at Lampo Milano, a new space set in an abandoned industrial warehouse waiting to be demolished and rebuilt into a residential skyrise. Nasty’s own Maria Abramenko curated the fine art programme, while the musical part was done by the British electronic music label Sentaku.

Shumon Basar / Extreme Present

Art&Culture | Interview
Shumon Basar is a British writer,  a co-author of such masterpieces as 'The Extreme Self and The Age of Earthquakes: A Guide to the Extreme Present". Curator of quite a few projects at Fondazione Prada. Artist and editor. In conversation with Maria Abramenko.

Sheet Noise / Life on the line

Art&Culture | Soundscapes
London based artist & musician, the low-key man behind legendary rare content Instagram page Sheet Noise in conversation with Maria Abramenko, along with a special selection of tracks for our latest Soundscapes release.

Ambra Castagnetti / Transformative bodies

Art&Culture | Interview
Ambra Castagnetti, the youngest artist at the main pavilion of the 59th Venice Biennale in conversation with Maria Abramenko before her upcoming group show at Mamoth Gallery in London.

Gian Maria Tosatti / Observe the background

Art&Culture | Interview
The artist representing the Italian pavilion at the Venice Biennale this year in conversation with Maria Abramenko.

Marianna Simnett / Unknown bodies

Art&Culture | Interview
Berlin-based multi-disciplinary artist Marianna Simnett in conversation with Antoine Schafroth.

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