Chadd Curry / Anticlone Takeover

In conversation with Chadd Curry, AKA dahc Dermur VIII.

A figurehead of London’s underground nightlife scene, American-born DJ and performance artist Chad Curry in conversation with Maria Abramenko on his attendance at the Anticlone Takeover III.

Your transformation into Dahc Dermur Vlll seems like a journey of self-expression. Can you describe the moment or experience that inspired you to embrace this identity?

It’s been the journey of a lifetime. every moment and life experience has collectively integrated into who I continue to blossom into today moving from New York to London was yet another re birth and transformation for me. Dahc Dermur was birthed.. Dahc = Chad backwards as it was a full circle moment for me in self discovery. Dermur = murder, we have the opportunity to die to ourselves daily and undertake the most exquisite creative act which is the art of creating ourselves.

You mentioned that your aesthetic revolves around black and white. What is it about these colors that resonates with you on such a profound level?

They present a mode of duality mirroring a constant source of emotions that evoke strength, purity, transparency, courage, vulnerability, forgiveness, darkness, enlightenment, tenderness, and a vitality for life, with red being intermittently introduced as the third strand of existence and rebirth.

In your view, how has the underground music and art scene evolved over the years, especially in London? What trends or changes do you find most intriguing?

I think it’s currently evolving at such a rapid pace it can be both exhilarating and exhausting to keep up. I am constantly inspired by the insurmountable raw new talent that keeps emerging on the scene, with such relentless dedication and passion. The most fascinating trend to me is not being on trend and that of authenticity and individuality.

Your work combines elements of DJing, performance art, and fashion. How do these different forms of expression intersect in your creative process?

The intersection is really at the core of being. music, movement and self expression are my input and output 24/7. My work is my life and my existence which bleeds into performance. they are not compartmentalised, an all encompassing expression of the collective experiences of my life’s journey.

Being a figurehead of London’s underground scene, what message or emotions do you aim to convey through your performances and art?

My sobriety and love for life and humanity is my heartbeat.
My message is as important if not more than the art form itself.
love ! love love ! BE KIND !!!
Be compassionate, love yourself, find your light and your voice and know all things are possible. Be authentic, take risks and live your truth at all costs with no regrets. FORGIVE
Don’t exchange hate for hate.
Be hope for others and never stop fighting the good fight for the greater good, and be the solution for a more beautiful world.

As an artist, what do you see as the role of rebellion and freedom in your work, and how does it connect with your daily choices?

For me it’s all about freedom. who I am and what I choose are not an act of rebellion but of truth. Rebellion provokes, truth heals.

Is this next performance you are preparing for the next Anticlone gallery takeover at Mandrake hotel your first collab with the gallery and Sade English?

This will be my second collaboration with Sade, the first was years ago in elephant and castle where Parma Ham and I presented our first ever performance together, I am very excited to be working together again and looking forward to being back with my Mandrake family where I have performed previously.

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