PicNic Affair Returns

Jacopo Pizzicannella’s Trans-Romantic Republic presents a factory-themed party and exhibition in Milan.

Picnic Affair, a triannual boutique celebration of music, arts, and joie de vivre started as Jacopo Pizzicannella’s birthday party in 2019 with a small themed gathering in a Tuscan farmhouse and has since grown into a very well organised experimental event on the crossroads between music, design and fine art. This time Picnic Affair welcomed its regulars and many new faces to Lampo, a new space set in an abandoned industrial warehouse waiting to be demolished and rebuilt into a residential skyrise. Nasty’s own Maria Abramenko again curated the fine art programme, while the musical part was done by the British electronic music label Sentaku.

PicNic Affairs Returns Home

Artist: Jonathan Vivacqua/ @jonathanvivacqua
Art director:  Elena Pelosi / @elenapelosi
Editor and curator: Maria Abramenko / @mariabramenko
Assistant: Alisia Marcacci / @miabrowe
Location: Lampo / @lampo.milano
Photography: Francesca Scandella / @scandysss

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