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She's got the spirit losing the feeling and now you know. A haunting story starring Kristina photographed on film by Olesya Asanova.

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Jessica Durante

Italian beauty with a firm character and with many modelling experiences in the States, now in Milan with The Fabbrica. Photography by Marco Giuliano and styling by Anca Macavei.

January Casting

Sophie Van der Perre's february portraits of 4 fresh faces enjoying their free time in the streets of Amsterdam, with styling by Lisa Dymph Megens.

Maria Khyl

Maria Khyl, from Ukraine to Barcelona, shot by Pablo Garcia.

Play it loud.

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Floating on a sea of sadness. Anastasiya in a dusky fashion series photographed by Kamil Kiewel and styled by Maria Kompf.

Soundscapes vol.43

As summer approaches, the light in Berlin returns. Here are some timeless personal favorites mixed with new gems of the next wave selected by Curses, the New Yorker/ Berlin based artist known for blending his rock & roll roots with the darker side of disco & electro.


They go to great lengths to assert their uniqueness, yet often feel as if they're living for two people. Sedona and Madison in a fashion story by Brian Ziff, styled by Erin Kobrin.

Linear dimensions / Monika Grzymala

Monika Grzymala, Berlin based Polish artist with focus on spatial drawing and architectural intervention, in conversation with Maria Abramenko.

Over and under

Over thinking, under estimating. A conceptual beauty story by Eszter Magyar.

Love’s secret domain

"I would like to slow this down for a moment and watch you as you sit there, wonderfully oblivious to me, for hours, days ... forever, but I can’t. Overwhelmed I look down at my notebook, coming down hard from this most potent of highs. I have been drunk on your love and now: the most delicious of hangovers begins." A short novel by La Serpent.

Light, time & colour / Davines

Creating beauty from inside out, a spotlight on Davines latest hair care collection.

From the mountains

Pure sense of freedom. Anastasia lost in the woods, photographed on film by Petr Jandera.

Bitter tears

Searching for a kind of love that somehow involves all of humanity. A fashion story shot by Ellen Rogers.

Mit Borras / Ergonomic heavens

Cyber erotic narratives by Spanish artist Mit Borrás in conversation with Maria Abramenko.

Savage beauty

Everything has the fun of beauty. The beauty in each of us is different. A project by artists Sinsing Chow and Eda Lee.


Expand your soul until the body melts into the surroundings. Maria photographed by Shiori Akiba.

Sleeping youth cloaked in light

She run out of herself, out of her skin... into freedom. Marta in a fashion story photographed by Trinidad Vargas.

Roger Ballen / Existential psychodrama

On life, death and other archetypes: Roger Ballen, one of the most influential and important photographic artists of the 21st century, in conversation with Maria Abramenko.
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