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Visions of sadness murmured in dreams when we both of us knew how the end always is. Pauline Ivashevskaya in a fashion story photographed by Marco Giuliano and styled by Anca Macavei with exclusive Rosamosario haute-couture lingerie pieces.


There they stand, bent and plastic. Three pale bodies as one photographed by Anne Roig and styled by Carla Camprubì.

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Lauren Patterson

Lauren is a muse from Los Angeles, portrayed in a colorful outdoor session by Ira Chernova.

Olena Hutsol

Lighted by the colors of the sunset. Dusky version of Ukrainian model Olena Hutsol, in Milan with MP Management. Photography by Marco Giuliano and styling by Anca Macavei.

Henny Jonasson

All-Swedish team gathered for this brief and unusual story starring Henny Jonasson with Nisch Management shot in Stockholm by Elsa Solang.

See you in the crowd.

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Light as the tiny flowers inked on her skin. Sakura photographed by Rio Hanai.

One melancholic evening

What appeared at first a shining chance might end in bitter disappointment. Alderney shot by Megan Kellythorn and styled by Georgie Stuart.

Tranoi SS19 / London Spotlight

London's brightest rising stars at Tranoi SS19 photographed in Paris by Marco Giuliano and styled by Anca Macavei.


Painted girl Fernanda, photographed in the dark by Paz Howell.


Portraits of Morag, captured on film by Emmet Green.

Babushka street

From a distant era, at the heart of winter in Russia. Kristina shot on film by Aleksey Dunaev and styled by Alexandra Osina.

Japanese girls

12 models from Japan in a dusky beauty story photographed Takahiro Idenoshita, styled by Hitomi Matsuno.


Something to escape your winter sadness. Trinity Trice shot at Hawaiian beach by Max Von Treu.


Unusual shapes and overlayering. With Irene Bonchuk photographed in Chile by Dean Elliott and styled by Santiago Herrera.


Memories of an actual demon and the process to discover it. Starring Veronika Baron in a fashion movie directed by Peter Kaaden & Yannick Fauth.


Don't you wanna feel my skin? Christina in a fashion story photographed by Trevor Brady and styled by Caitlyn Beattie.


Work in progress and damage control. A fashion story shot at Tenoha Milan by Marco Giuliano with styling by Anca Macavei and starring Tunisian star Myriem Boukadida.
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