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Assume Power Focus

Are you listening, more or less? Are you ready now? We want some discipline in here. Alexandra shot by Marco Giuliano and styled by Anca Macavei.

Models directory

Maria Khyl

Maria Khyl, from Ukraine to Barcelona, shot by Pablo Garcia.

Sydney Wright

American model in Paris. Sydney Wright at Women in series of portraits shot in an industrial environment by Elise Toidé.

Olena Hutsol

Lighted by the colors of the sunset. Dusky version of Ukrainian model Olena Hutsol, in Milan with MP Management. Photography by Marco Giuliano and styling by Anca Macavei.

See you in the crowd.

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Sasha in Paris

Wandering in the city at night. Sasha photographed by Lexa Kim.

Under the milky way

Wish there is something shimmering in the sky that leads you here despite your destination. Ksenia photographed by Marco Giuliano and styled by Anca Macavei.

Les phases de la journee

From the aurora until the night, all the colours of the Sun. Luisa in a fashion story by Nicholas Fols, with fashion by Vittoria Rossi Provesi.

Market street

About everything you can get. Bee in a fashion story by Navarro Aydemir, styled by Gulce Gunaydin.


A silent prey for Mother Earth. Stacy in fashion story shot by Tea Sirbiladze and styled by Nathalie Schreckenberg.


We say just empty words to keep our hurt away. A series shot by Igor Pavlov.


Where the birds always sing. Lucie in a fashion story by Theo Gosselin, styled by Victoire Seveno.


Interior, daylight, a girl pleased in her solitude. Victoria shot on film by Bruno Bicalho Carvalhaes.

Liza in Tokyo

Having good time in a foreign city with Liza, photographed by Marc Oller.


In dreams she cried a cosmic river. Sophie in a beauty series shot by Jakub Gessler with makeup by Alexis Day.


Shades of black and Anna Romanova's darkest side, in a nude series photographed and styled by Aleksander Michaud.


Between fiction and iper-realism. Nastya Kit having a tour of Tel Aviv attractions, photographed on film by Michael Ivnitsky.
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