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    Spotlight on Maŕa’s new release

Maŕa’s announces debut album Dawn with music video Desperate Love , Dawn’s lead single, “Desperate Love,” is out now.

Maŕa is currently drawing attention to is the release of her new single ‘Desperate Love’ cut out now in collaboration with the San Francisco band Ssleeping Desiress. This is not just any release, but rather the relaunch of her record label. This project encapsulates everything that is true to the artist’s soul: musical baggage, a strong essence as a performer, new frontiers of experimentation, but above all, a dark sensitivity that is imprinted on the skin from the very beginning moments. ‘Desperate Love’ is a poetic piece, which speaks not of idealised and too perfect romance to be truly perceived, but of love in its total essence. Pain, turmoil, paranoia, and solitude are shouted and made evident here in a society that often makes us feel abandoned to our feelings and disoriented. The artist decides to create an empathy and a direct bridge with the listener, as if to make them understand that loving is also suffering, and that everyone in their own way can be the protagonist of this new piece.

The music video, directed by Siqin Bian and DP David Murray is the visual embodiment of this whirlwind of sensations, the acknowledgment of a chaotic and emotionally intense world. The abrupt movements, alternating details and shots with dark and strong tones, the predominance of red, transport us into a world somewhat reminiscent of David Lynch’s. The inner chaos and disorientation are visually realised by the contrast between the bustling streets of NYC and the dark, closed walls of home. Written texts, details, and seemingly disconnected scenes are cohesive to convey the idea of a lack of reason, that feeling of haziness we experience when pain clouds our vision.
‘Desperate Love,’ as the artist mentions, << is therefore this romantic and poetic piece with which I hope listeners will identify with their experiences of feeling so desperate for someone who is just as crazy about them>>.

This new release will be part of the album ‘Dawn,’ (out April 10th, 2024) a collection of six tracks (A1: God Damn You, A2: Romantico, A3: Solaris, B1: Desperate Love, B2: Escape, B3: Conclusion ) with a deeply experimental and melancholic soul, released on her label and in collaboration with Italian producer Mystics and New York-based producer Virtual Crimes and Los Angelos Ssleeping Desiress for ‘Desperate Love’.

It’s quite difficult to categorise this work within a single genre because, like the artist, it’s multifaceted: dark ambient, experimental, trip hop, techno, and more… all contribute to this experimental sound. As the artist has confessed, this album plays a very important role in her personal journey, with each track symbolising an emotional fragment that has marked her and shaped her  into what she is now. Life constantly tests you, pushing you to exhausting limits where you feel abandoned and powerless, but it is precisely in this pain that we manage to forge a shield and find a new frontier.

Thus, through each track, Maŕa speaks to us with intense sensitivity about evolution and strong resilience. Evolution is the essential key to this album; the LP’s wide range is set to resonate with those who seek artists capable of delivering diversity. The old and the new constantly intersect, the past and the present, the past and the future… everything is a heterogeneous flow of elements both from the content point of view and from the technical point of view (interconnected software, acoustic instruments, modular equipment, and more…).
‘Dawn’ leads directly into the realm of the unconscious: where pain becomes fertile ground, and where every limit is a new opening to new frontiers. Listening to a track by Maŕa therefore means coming into contact with a part of her essence, perceiving life in its entirety of aspects.

Maŕa is a experimental artist and musician based in NYC. Her work spans and blends different fields: sound experimentation, live performance, fashion design, and much more. Every project becomes a symbol of various fronts; even within the fashion scene, with her jewellery brand ( Maŕa Peralta Studio ) , Maŕa doesn’t overlook the performative and musical aspect.

Link for music presave: https://ffm.to/mxqvvle
Link fot Music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4s7WRsgluI

Video Credits:
Director: Siqin Bian Director of Photography: David Murray Art Direction: Siqin Bian & Maŕa Peralta Video Editing: David Murray
Colorist: Hauton Xu Gaffer: Ty Hudson Beauty: Nina Carelli Producer: Cultivated Sound Stylist: Emma Naubaum Jewelry: Maŕa Peralta Studio Fashion: Quine Li, Greco

Photography Credits: Desperate love
Art Direction Siqin Bian & Maŕa Peralta Photography by: Siqin Bian Artwork and Design by Sam Clarke Stylist: Katelyn Johnson
Fashion: Eleen Halvorsen

Photography – Dawn Album cover
Art Direction and Photography by Maŕa Artwork and Design by Sam Clarke

Maŕa / Desperate Love


Artist: Maŕa Peralta / @maraperalta
Words: Annalisa Fabbrucci / @annalisa_fabbrucci
Editor: Maria Abramenko / @mariabramenko
Collective & label : Cultivated Sound / @cultivatedsound

© CULTIVATED SOUND 2024, All Rights Reserved

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Maŕa / Desperate Love

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Maŕa’s announces debut album Dawn with music video Desperate Love , Dawn’s lead single, “Desperate Love,” is out now.

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