‘Gear (s) ’

Interview with the two artists Jeanne Briand & Romain Azzaro

Jeanne Briand, an artist whose essence is deeply intertwined with the element of glass, and Romain Azzaro, a renowned Franco-Italian composer, present their project ‘Gear(s)‘. This album represents an expansion of their respective creative universes; sound and matter are shaped and channeled into a fluid dialogue.

Jeanne Briand & Romain Azzaro / ‘Gear(s)’


Artists: Jeanne Briand /  @jeannebriand_
Romain Azzaro /
Link album Gear(s) :  https://fluxustemporis.bandcamp.com/album/gear-s
Interview: Annalisa Fabbrucci / @annalisa_fabbrucci
Editor: Maria Abramenko  / @mariabramenko

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