Scope Neglect

Spotlight about the Ben Frost live in New York

Before the second part of Frost’s 2024 tour heads off, we share some reportage of one of his US shows in Brooklyn.

Frost’s live performance at Public Records in Brooklyn on March 7th, 2024, is a voyage into unchartered sonic territory. The raw energy and dynamic range of new album “Scope Neglect”, is engendered by this performance, captivating
the audience with its otherworldly resonance.

Frost’s live interpretation of the album elevates what is already an intense experience to new heights. Thunderous downstrokes and ethereal guitar riffs reverberate throughout the venue, enveloping the space in a sonorous embrace. His meticulous sound design is palpable, each note and accompanying silence have been crafted together for a maximum evocation.

Throughout the concerts, Frost and his collaborators weave intricate layers of sound to create a sonic tapestry. The crowd is spellbound; hanging on every note and silence, as Frost guides them through this sonic odyssey.

The performance is a testament to the power and beauty of “Scope Neglect,” leaving an indelible impression.

The album boldly ventures beyond the confines of traditional metal, reconfiguring and mutating it into something more elemental. Teaming up with guitarist Greg Kubacki: Frost dissects metal riffs with precision, accentuating the profound reticence and delving into the elaborate interplay between notes. The album’s soundscape is a realm of microsecond-long reverb tails and flickers of electricity, forging  a diaphanous lustre.
From the outset, the album thrusts listeners into its visceral intensity, characterised by a seismic low end that pulsates with loud downstrokes, reshaping the guitar into a rhythmic powerhouse.

Frost has long showcased the guitar’s pivotal role in his sound palette, and the album amplifies that focus. Kubacki’s guitar is the album’s backbone. His riffs, imbued with Frost’s electronic manipulations, bloom amidst the album’s darkness , like blossoms emerging from volcanic soil. The interchange among guitar, bass, and electronic infuses every track with dynamic tension.

“Scope Neglect” beckons listeners to confront the raw essence of sound. A frontier where meaning emerges not from continuity but from the haunting void which hunts each fleeting moment. It defies stratification, It can and will transform you.


03/04/24 Reykjavík, Iðno
06/04/24 The Hague, Rewire
12/04/24 Tallinn, Paavli Kultuurivabrik
13/04/24 Riga, Hanzas Perons
19/04/24 Foligno, Dancity Festival
20/04/24 Catania, Zo Cultural Center
23/04/24 Milan, Triennale
26/04/24 Krems, Donau Festival
19/05/24 Kyiv, Strichka/Closer
14/06/24 Athens, Subset Festival

Artist site:

Record avaliable here (limited edition)

Ben Frost / Scope Neglect


Artists: Ben Frost / @ethermachines
Greg Kubacki / @carbombgreg
Editor and Writer: Maria Abramenko / @mariabramenko
Assistant: Annalisa Fabbrucci / @annalisa_fabbrucci
Live in NY photo credits: Sasha Kojjio /@sashakojjio
Alisa Davydova / @alisa__davydova
Veniue: Public records Nyc / @publicrecordsnyc

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