Pervert 30th Bday / Cera Khin

Saturday April 1st at Teatro Principe in Milan

The father, the mother & the holy spirit: united into the biggest celebration! Grab your ticket for Pervert + Sodoma + P:Gold = 30th B-Day on April 1st at Teatro Principe, Milan. Line-up: ◤ Cera Khin  ◤ Oby Baby  ◤ Franz Bush  ◤

Enjoy below a conversation with Berlin based headliner Cera Khin on this occasion together with a special playlist, a sneak peak on what to expect from the evening.

Listen to Soundscapes vol.130, curated by CERA KHIN

What is your current state of mind and where are you answering this interview from?

I just got back from an Asia tour, It was insane I went from – 40 degrees in Mongolia to + 32 in in less than a week. I played for the first time in Mongolia, Seoul Korea and Singapore and I went to visit some of the most ancient temples and biggest in the world Angor Wat in Cambodia. It was an unforgettable experience and now I am back fully inspired and energised and I’m ready for my upcoming shows in Europe.

Being raised in Tunisia, a place definitely not as free and open as Berlin, where you are currently based in, how difficult was it to jumpstart your career as DJ? Did your origins influence your style of music in any way?

I grew up in Tunisia by the Mediterranean sea I wasn’t even a DJ back then when I moved to Berlin. Tunisia is a beautiful country but its hard to engage in anything artistic there due to the country government restrictions and after the Arab spring revolution I decided move to Berlin where I was able to invest myself more in music and to become a DJ & producer. I think that all the restrictions that I experienced in my childhood shaped me to become a bold person who is not afraid to take risks, face challenges and to be unapologetically myself in anything I do.

What first inspired you to start your DJ-ing career?

The first year when I moved to Berlin I was going out a lot to dance I love dancing its like therapy but at some point I got bored of just being a raver I had this sudden urge that I needed to create something more. With my first mini job I managed to buy my first turntables and I started record mixes, I spent days and hours digging in vinyl shops in Berlin and I managed to stream all the music I gathered through radio shows and basically that’s how I managed to built myself as DJ and the platform around me.

Do you primarily listen to techno in your free time? What are other genres do you enjoy listening to? (If so) how do these other genres affect your music?

Believe it or not, I don’t listen to techno in my free time, except of when I DJ, dig music for my sets or when I produce. I’m a big fan of synth pop, synthwave, IDM and shoegaze, cult horror movies soundtracks, I also love songs even though I enjoy reading lyrics and singing sad love songs. I love as well the moodiness the darkness and the mystery, my favorite song and I wouldn’t mind someone playing at my funeral is by The Cure, “A Forest”.

How would you describe your current style of music and what would you like to see it evolving in?

I always played whatever the fuck I wanted and that’s was always my motto from the beginning, but at the moment my current style is hard, fast, trippy and full of tasty textures.

Lastly, what makes a good night? What key elements must come together for you to truly look back on a particular night?

The combo of an open minded crowd who are not just there to judge but to have fun and a good sound system + an empathetic DJ that can actually read the crowd and connect with them.

You stated your mission as a DJ is first and foremost to energise the crowd and quote on quote “make them loose their shit”, how different is your DJ persona with yourself off the stage?

I don’t have a pre conceived DJ persona, if you meet me you will see that I am exactly the same person as I present myself on socials, I just can’t be bothered to create another persona as I prefer to just be myself, I’m just as funny, annoying, full of energy as you can see me during my sets. Of course not everyone will like me and I’m ok with that , I am m not here to just please people I am here to express what I feel like to express artistically and those who will like what I do will follow me.

Even though techno and mental health are two very different topics for many people, where do you see the connection between these matters?

My intention through my music and DJ sets is to make the crowd lose their shit, sweat a lot and forget about all their problems which can be compared to a trance-like mental state which is also a state of hypnosis. Let me explain it in a better way: when you are listening to music, enjoying it and moving your body, the moment you forget the environment and start to see some other pictures in your mind, get goosebumps and enter that trance-like state: that’s hypnosis. These moments can be very profound and healing. Hypnosis is an altered state of mind. Every one of us is in hypnosis now and then. Even animals.

What inspired you to start the Instagram account “@technomentalhealth”?

I created it during the pandemic, the page aims to normalise talking about mental health in the electronic music industry and break stigmas.
I couldn’t handle seeing all the people I follow online, even my family and friends being sad and depressed because of the pandemic. At one point I realised that I gained so much knowledge in the mental health field that I’m ready to share all of it with the world.
That’s how it started and so far it has been very inspiring!

What are your current personal and professional goals for 2023?

I have no specific goals, as I want to live in the present moment but let’s say that keeping my balance in my tour life and be healthy are always my priority. I find it super hard sometimes to keep this balance so that’s why when I get out of sync I always try my best to get back on track.

If you could collaborate with anyone in the world (alive or dead) who would it be and why?

Two Davids : Lynch and Bowie. David Lynch because I love his voice, obsessed with his movies and anything that he does. David Bowie because he is the most avant-garde artist, funnily both Lynch and David collaborated in Lynch’s movie “Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me”. Bowie is just unique, There’s something about him that’s so different from everybody else. I love them both so much.

With your latest EP being produced in 2021, do you have any exciting release announcements for this year?

Im currently working on my new EP I am not gonna spoil it though but it is in process ;)

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