Body as a medium

A spotlight on Yuval Lasri.

The collection deals with the representation of the female form by celebrating the humanity, vulnerability, and relatability of real women who reject being bound by popular culture’s representation of them. The designers personal connection to the subject matter stems from a deep feeling of identification and empathy, a personal dialogue with her body and her role as a woman in shattering the representation of the female form as non-human. Materials like felt, leather and metal that have the ability to follow the body and hold the memory of its shape as second skin. By sculpting on the model’s bodies, to create tension once between the viewer, encountering the familiar female form in a most vulnerable way and again in showing a garments ability to create duality of fragility and confidence.

Body as a medium / Yuval Lasri

Designer: Yuval Lasri \ @yuvalla
Photographer: Yana Turansky \ @yanasky
Makeup artist: Gaya Yaffe \ @gayayaffe

Sharon-Rose Benson \ @rosexxvi
Ariel Orenstein \ @arieloren_stein
Romy Halkin \ @pink_squalor
Eva kotova \ @goodandcool
Ayanna Kean \ @ayannakean
Khaveevyah \ @kavi_hercs
Lina \ @liineer
Vita \ @vita_luki
Libi \ @l.agra

Jewelry designers: @ gregorylarin \ @ mayansternberg

Assistant: Tal Maslavi \ @ talmaslavi

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